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Yu Long Anti-seepage
Chang Ge Yu Long Anti-seepage engineering co., LTD., was founded in 2007, with the registered capital of 11.2 million yuan, company product and operated of various seepage control engineering materials: wide HDPE geomembrane (anti-seepage film), LDPE anti-seepage film, lotus root pool anti-seepage film, fish pond anti-seepage film, PE waterproof board, composite geomembrane (a cloth a membrane and two film), filament/short filament geotextile, bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL), geomembrane special glue and other geotechnical material, which can be used for landfill site, water, artificial lake, highway, railway waterproof treatment and artificial wetland, municipal, lotus root pool, fish pond anti-seepage engineering construction, etc.
The Company has the professional contracting qualification used for seepage control, waterproof special engineering, can contract the lotus pool, fish pond anti-seepage engineering, city life garbage disposal engineering, petroleum and chemical seepage control engineering, all kinds of mining solid iste anti-seepage engineering, artificial lake anti-seepage engineering in the field of landscape engineering and other industries.
The Company has the rich experience in geomembrane engineering construction, and have done a lot of lotus root pools, fish ponds and other aquaculture anti-seepage engineering, Xinxiang Medical College anti-seepage engineering artificial lake landscape, Xichuan county city life garbage dump in the south-north water diversion irrigation system, life garbage dump anti-seepage engineering of Hongan city in Hubei province, oil seepage control engineering of Badong county in Hubei province,
the pig pond anti-seepage engineering of Ye county Shuanghui Group,
Henan Bohui animal husbandry co., LTD., pig (black film) the biogas project, Shangqiu iste plant iste leachate equalization basin covering engineering, roof garden anti-seepage engineering of Shenzhen Zhuobao construction engineering co., LTD., such as the above large assignments projects.
The company has a management team with high-quality professional and persistent, with "science and technology, quality refinement, sincere service" the management idea, "strict management, fine detection, perfect service" business philosophy, to ensure that service to customer and contribute to society with the high quality products.

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